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Download a free chapter of my book
Beyond Gluten a Healing Transition 

Download a free chapter of my book Beyond Gluten a Healing Transition 

Sandi Star specializes in GI Wellness, Food Intolerance & Weight Loss

I believe in a holistic approach in that I look for the root cause in addition to addressing the symptoms so you can heal.


My goal is to give you the knowledge and inspiration to help you reach optimal health. I know how overwhelming it is and I am here to help! I have struggled and have overcome many health issues myself including Sjrogren’s.

About Sandi

Sandi graduated from The Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy with the following Certifications: Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Master Herbology, Aromatherapy and has a Bachelors in Communications. Sandi is a member of the American Holistic Healthcare Association.


Sandi offers telemedicine in the comfort of your home or office. Sandi also offers concierge services. Please get in touch for more details. Sandi has worked alongside Naturopathic Doctors for close to a decade and has an in depth understanding of integrative and naturopathic therapies. In addition to Sandi Star Wellness, Sandi has partnered with Dr. Kremer, DO providing Functional Medicine. Learn More


Sandi focuses on addressing the underlying triggers of chronic health concerns by incorporating a comprehensive evaluation, laboratory testing as needed, lifestyle and nutrition counseling. 

This book was written for the health-minded, frustrated, or curious person interested in gaining a better understanding of the health issues food intolerance causes and the story behind why today’s gluten is toxic. It’s for people who want to find a healthy way to go gluten free while at the same time gaining valuable insight of optimal nutrition in the healing transition. We include allergy friendly mouthwatering recipes and tips on converting recipes to allergy friendly.


The connection between gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance often go hand in hand. With dairy affecting the large intestine and gluten affecting the small intestine, it makes sense to heal the body by eliminating both. We will talk about intolerance verses allergies and how food intolerance is not always a GI disorder but can be a condition that reacts systemically. Studies show 50 percent of people with celiac disease also have issues with dairy. In addition, only 8 percent heal on a gluten free diet alone. This is why it’s so important to address the triggers and holistically focus on the underlying issues.


Nutrition plays a critical role in the healing process. By making appropriate diet changes suggested in Beyond Gluten you will be able to manage chronic disorders and eliminate systemic reactions.

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